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50 Years EFNS - Team Norway

There are several reasons why EFNS attracts people in the forestry sector.In Norway the forestry sector is quite small with relatively few employees. There are few common activities in the sector. Skiing and skiing competitions has a long tradition in Norway and is recognised as a national sport. Many of the best cross-country skiers in Norway during the last 100 years had their background in forestry. The combination of forestry and cross-country skiing has been and still is quite common in Norway.

What is unique to EFNS is that the competitions take place on different locations throughout Europe. Thus making it possible to visit new countries for skiing and getting in touch with colleagues in an international setting.

Furthermore it is very positive to gather the national team ­ which makes people get in touch with each other to make relations. A lot of people have made good relations and have pleasure in meeting each other both professionally and private.

What I appreciate the most is the combination of the following: The national team, travels to new places, making relations with colleagues from the forestry sector and the different excursions

My wish for the future is to recruit more participants for the Norwegian team. We have a core group counting 20 persons, while in Holmenkollen there were more than 80 Norwegian participants. I want to increase the number of persons who will loyally participate every year making the core team grow. Even as it has been expressed a whish to attract more young people towards EFNS, I still believe that it is easier to attract people 40+. EFNS lasts for a whole workweek and is difficult to combine with family and children. I therefore believe that it is easier to attract people with grown children.

EFNS in Norway

Norway has hosted EFNS twice. The first time was at Lillehammer in 1996, the second time in Oslo ­ 48. EFNS in Holmenkollen in 2016.

EFNS Holmenkollen 2016: 825 participants from 20 countries, 117 relay teams.

EFNS Lillehammer 1996: 1200 participants from 16 countries, 160 relay teams.


c/o Trond Lohre
Ĝvre Smestad vei 28
0378 Oslo

Tel.: +47 93 04 17 14

Contact person: Trond Lohre

Mr Nils Aakre who was team leader until 2016 established the EFNS Team Norway in 2002.